What Brands Does Zhejiang Geely Holding Group own?

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, commonly known as Geely, is a Chinese multinational automotive company headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Founded in 1986 by Li Shufu, Geely has grown to become one of the most prominent automotive companies in the world. Over the years, Geely has expanded its portfolio by acquiring and establishing various brands. Here are the major brands under its umbrella:

  1. Geely Auto:
    • Geely: The core brand of the group, focusing on affordable and technologically advanced vehicles. Geely Auto produces a wide range of passenger vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles (EVs).
  2. Volvo Cars:
    • Acquired by Geely in 2010, Volvo Cars is a renowned Swedish luxury automobile manufacturer. Volvo is known for its focus on safety, quality, and Scandinavian design. Under Geely’s ownership, Volvo has expanded its lineup with successful models like the XC90, XC60, and the all-electric XC40 Recharge.
  3. Polestar:
    • Polestar began as a performance brand for Volvo but has since become a standalone electric performance car brand. Polestar focuses on high-performance EVs and aims to compete with other luxury electric car makers.
  4. Lotus:
    • Geely acquired a majority stake in the British sports car manufacturer Lotus in 2017. Lotus is famous for its lightweight, high-performance sports cars, including the Elise, Exige, and Evora. Under Geely’s ownership, Lotus has also entered the EV market with models like the Evija.
  5. Lynk & Co:
    • A joint venture between Geely and Volvo, Lynk & Co is aimed at a younger, urban demographic. The brand is known for its innovative approach to car ownership, including subscription-based models and connectivity features. Lynk & Co offers a range of stylish, tech-savvy vehicles like the 01 and 02 SUVs.
  6. Proton:
    • In 2017, Geely acquired a 49.9% stake in Malaysian automaker Proton. Proton is known for producing affordable vehicles for the Southeast Asian market. Geely’s investment has helped Proton modernize its lineup and expand its market reach.
  7. London EV Company (LEVC):
    • Formerly known as The London Taxi Company, LEVC specializes in the production of electric and hybrid taxis. Geely’s ownership has transformed the iconic London Black Cab into a modern, environmentally friendly vehicle with the TX model.
  8. Geometry:
    • Launched by Geely in 2019, Geometry is a brand dedicated to electric vehicles. It aims to provide affordable, high-quality EVs to a global audience. The Geometry brand includes models like the Geometry A sedan and the Geometry C crossover.
  9. Zeekr:
    • Introduced in 2021, Zeekr is a premium electric vehicle brand focused on high-end, innovative EVs. Zeekr’s first model, the Zeekr 001, is a luxury electric shooting brake with advanced technology and performance features.
  10. Terrafugia:
    • Acquired in 2017, Terrafugia is an American company focused on the development of flying cars. Geely’s investment in Terrafugia aims to explore the future of urban air mobility.
  11. Farizon Auto:
    • Geely’s commercial vehicle brand, Farizon Auto, focuses on developing new energy commercial vehicles, including trucks and vans, to support sustainable transportation solutions.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has strategically expanded its brand portfolio through acquisitions and the establishment of new brands, positioning itself as a major player in the global automotive industry. The company’s diverse range of brands allows it to cater to various market segments, from affordable passenger cars to luxury vehicles and innovative electric and flying cars.

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