What Car is Best for Bolt Ride Drivers in Nigeria 2023? See Preferred Car Here

What Car is Best for Bolt Ride Drivers in Nigeria 2023? See Preferred Car Here

Let me start by saying that Bolt in Nigeria is a good business to venture into. So if you are serious with Bolt riders, you will really make a fortune.

Many of us has lost a lot of money both online and offline. There’s still an opportunity for you if you are interested to become a Bolt driver.

Let’s assume that you are a civil servant earning almost N50k as a monthly salary from your work. So if you check if for 12 months, you will earn 600k in total.

But some one who is into Bolt, can be able to raise 600k in 4 months. So there’s much profit in Bolt riders than any other jobs.

What Car is Best for Bolt Ride Drivers in Nigeria 2023

Let’s not divert from this topic am about to share to you. So the essence of writing this post is to inform you the best car that is likely good for Bold rides.

If there’s anything you want to know, just note that before applying to become a bolt driver, the most important step is to ensure that your car conforms to the requirements set by the company.

Best Cars for Bolt Drivers 2023

Honda Accord

Yes we all know that Honda Accord is so flexible and drivable. So you can use it for a bold ride. Honda is more fuel economical while it’s AC is factory fitted.

Kia Rio

This car is not that common because the spare parts are not seen everywhere. Nigeria don’t really go for Kia Rio because of the spare parts. So I think a good car like Kia Rio with 2003 model can serve for this business

Toyota Camry

Another name for Toyota Camry is Spider or you can call it Muscle or even big for nothing.

The car is well fitted for this job because of it fuel consumption.

Honda City

The only beautiful thing about Honda City is it’s sound and interior. Most of them comes on factory fitted

Toyota Corolla

This is one of the most common car that is used for Bolt riders. Almost 90% of bolt Drivers make use of Toyota Corolla because is more fuel economical while it’s AC is factory fitted

Honda Civic

Honda product is always recommended for Bolt riders, though it may development mechanical or electrical faults when neglected or carelessly handled.

Audi A6

This car is not too common and not that good for Bolt Drivers. So anyone who will use it for this business should be extremely careful and handle it with care.

Acura MDX

Acura is an expensive car and as you may know, requires professional use

Hyundai Accent

If you go for this car, then get ready to handle it with care, so it’s less common to compare with other car

Toyota Yaris

It’s among the Toyota products and it’s good for Bolt business as well.

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