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Waec Timetable 2023 August/October & PDF Nigerian Version – Check Here

Waec Timetable 2023 August/October & PDF Nigerian Version – Check Here

The Nigerian Version of the WAEC Timetable for the August/ October exam and the WAEC Timetable PDF Download are both included in the table below for your convenience.

The WAEC examination for Nigerian candidates is listed to begin on Monday, August 16 with the following subject alternative to practical work, Catering craft practice 3 work on Friday, October 1 with the following subject 1st Principles of Cost Accounting Principles

As the examination council has bettered the electronic system for detecting exam malpractice, registered candidates should completely prepare themselves by reading the WAEC timetable.

The WAEC Timetable is displayed below, and the WAEC timetable PDF Download button is coming.

Download WAEC Timetable PDF

Download PDF

Important Notice

This version of the WAEC Timetable is for Nigerian

Time Difference On Question Paper and Timetable

Candidates should make use of the timetable on the question paper rather than the timetable when the time duration on the question paper differs from the timetable

Candidates will be given these question papers the day before the exam date.

General Art Knowledge Paper 3 The participating candidates will have access to this two weeks previous to the exam date.

Documents of Project Work: The papers in Basketry, Pottery, Dyeing & Bleaching, Graphic Design, Jewellery, Leather Goods, Leatherwork Form, Manufacturing & Repair, Painting & Decorating, Picture Making, and fabrics will be made available to participating candidates for two weeks previous to the day of the test.

Note: The specific date for the question papers delivery to participating candidates will be communicated to them via their various schools.

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