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O Mobile World Congress (MWC) has always been the stage for the latest innovations in mobile technology, and this year was no exception. O MWC 2024 which took place in Barcelona showcased a variety of new products, from phones and notebooks to smartwatches and innovative concept products. Even robotic dogs were present. O Showmetech kept an eye on the event and brought you a list of the devices that stood out the most. Let’s take a look?

What is MWC?

Mwc, the largest mobility and connectivity event in the world.  Image: global times
Stay up to date with the latest news from MWC 2024, the largest mobility and connectivity event in the world. Image: Global Times

O MWCor Mobile World Congress, is the largest and most influential global event in the mobile technology industry. Every year it brings together the main names in the sector, from technology giants to startups with innovative ideas, to present and discuss the latest news in mobile devices, networks, software and services.

Held in Barcelona, Spain, MWC not only serves as a stage for the launch of new products, but also as a place to explore the most significant trends in the market. In addition to state-of-the-art exhibits, the event also features conferences, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities, all designed to drive innovation and progress in the mobile technology industry.

With the presence of thousands of participants from around the world, MWC has become an essential platform for establishing strategic partnerships, discovering new businesses and delving into the possibilities that mobile technology offers. It is a true meeting point for visionaries, investors, developers and enthusiasts shaping the future of our global connectivity. And of course we were also attentive to bringing the best of MWC 2024 to you. Check it out now!

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Below is the list of the best devices announced during the MWC 2024:

Motorola “rollable” wrist cell phone

The best of mwc 2024. Wrist smartphone, transparent notebook and other innovations were seen at mwc 2024. Check it out!
Motorola’s wrist smartphone is one of the highlights of the event. Image: Motorola

At the Lenovo Tech World At the end of last year, the Motorola presented a foldable phone concept called AdaptiveDisplay. Those present at MWC had the opportunity to test the device and expressed their impressions. The phone is reminiscent of the foldable models in the Razr line, but instead of a hinge that splits the phone in half (putting the screen to the inside), it folds backwards.

This configuration allows the phone to rest on a table at an arched angle, making it easier to use by two people sitting opposite each other. An interesting addition is the magnetic bracelet included, which turns the device into a kind of smart bracelet when wrapped around the wrist — or a “giant” smartwatch. The interface adapts to show information at the top of the screen.

Along with the device, Motorola also revealed a new software feature in partnership with Lenovo, called Smart Connect. This is a development of the platform Ready Forwhich lets you wirelessly connect a Motorola phone to nearby displays to stream apps, use the phone’s camera as a webcam, and share files.

Smart Connect expands these capabilities and will be available on Windows notebooks through the Microsoft Store. If you have a compatible Lenovo tablet or Motorola smartphone, you can move your apps fluidly between screens, similar to Apple’s Universal Control feature. You can even use your notebook’s keyboard and mouse on your tablet and smartphone.

Notebook with transparent screen from Lenovo

Already seen here at showmetech, the notebook with a transparent screen also appeared at mwc 2024. Image: cnet
Already seen here at Showmetech, the notebook with a transparent screen also appeared at MWC 2024. Image: CNET

Lenovo also presented an interesting concept at MWC: a notebook with transparent screen. Called Crystal Project and while it’s not a real product, Lenovo is showing us what a transparent notebook would look like. Some present at the event say that it is not difficult not to be impressed by its futuristic appearance. The transparent screen microLED allows you to see through it, but you can still view normal apps perfectly due to its bright brightness.

However, it also means that people sitting in front of you can see what you are doing. Lenovo mentions that there are ways to adjust the screen’s transparency to create an opaque layer of privacy when needed, but it hasn’t yet shown this functionality. This may not be ideal for corporate environments, but it is certainly a fun concept and one that we have seen many times in science fiction works.

Eye tracking on Honor’s Magic 6 Pro cell phone

Eye tracking can expand notifications just by looking at them.  Image: the wired
Eye tracking can expand notifications just by looking at them. Image: The Wired

One of the most impressive demonstrations reported by some in attendance was the Magic 6 Pro, new smartphone from the Honor brand. This device will be available soon, and the feature will be added via a software update at a later date. Basically it allows you to zoom in on notifications simply by looking at them when they arrive. It can be something useful when you are using your cell phone with one hand and the other is busy.

The ability to eye tracking was demonstrated using a car. There was an app on the phone with four options: start the engine, turn off the engine, forward and reverse. Just look at one of the buttons and the car would follow the command. Of course, for safety reasons, the car had many restrictions like speed limits and a specific distance to move forward and backward. It is worth noting that the feature is not intended to control cars or anything like that, the example was just a demonstration — somewhat exaggerated — of the eye tracking capability.

Infinix color changing cell phone

The back of the device has the ability to change color.  Image: the modern creatures
The back of the device has the ability to change color. Image: The Modern Creatures

The smartphone that changes color Infinix is also one of the highlights of MWC 2024. Previously presented at CES 2024, this device has the technology E-Ink Prismwhich allows the chassis (the exterior design) change color while maintaining high energy efficiency. You can customize the colors to your personal preference, but like some previous concepts, it’s not yet available for purchase. Some technology outlets claim that Infinix still needs to resolve some issues related to the device’s thermal performance and thickness. Even so, if it ever hits the market, it certainly cannot be denied that a color-changing phone would be a device that would catch the attention of certain users.

Samsung Smart Ring (Galaxy Ring)

Samsung's much-discussed smart ring also had some information revealed at MWC 2024. Image: techradar
Samsung’s much-discussed smart ring also had some information revealed at MWC 2024. Image: TechRadar

Samsung has revealed its long-awaited Galaxy Ring during last month’s Galaxy Unpacked event, but since then they haven’t provided many details about the device, but during MWC 2024 they brought a little more information. Contrary to what was initially expected, the Galaxy Ring will not have features like automatic workout detection at launch.

Still, it will bring menstrual cycle monitoring features and something called My Vitality Score. The latter works in a similar way to Garmin’s Body Battery and Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score, indicating how prepared your body and mind are to face the day. There is still no definitive information on price or release date, except that it is scheduled for 2024.

Xiaomi SU7 Max EV electric car

Even a Xiaomi electric car was present.  Image: niuxtech
Even a Xiaomi electric car was one of the big launches at MWC 2024. Image: Niuxtech

A Xiaomi surprised everyone at MWC by entering the electric car market with the SU7 Max EVa bright blue vehicle that is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The car features sharp curves that highlight its tone, further highlighted by the bright yellow brake calipers that announce its speed — capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds, according to the brand. Although Xiaomi has not revealed many details, there is great expectation to see how far this company’s effort can go, especially with regard to the promised integration with smart devices.

Flip cell phone (for young people) ZTE Nubia Flip 5G Phone

The target audience for this foldable are young people who have not had contact with the first foldables.  Image: falemovel
The target audience for this foldable are young people who have not had contact with the first foldables. Image: falemovel

MWC was also the stage for ZTE’s first foldable, the Nubia Flip. When opened, the 6.9-inch screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate looks like a normal phone, but when closed, it is in a compact size that fits in your pocket — as you would expect from flip devices. Instead of a square or rectangular display on the front, it has a circular display with a thick bezel around it that houses what the brand is calling a “50MP AI dual camera.” The Nubia Flip has some cool modes that help you perfect your selfies, with a live preview of the photo on the front screen.

Although it is not the most powerful smartphone, with a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 inside, this is reflected in the relatively low asking price of $599 (something around R$2963.85 in direct conversion). Although the circular screen is not the most conventional format, Nubia added some extra details to try to compensate for its boldness, such as a 3D interactive pet and a wide range of customization options that make it a little more interesting.

Cling Band, Samsung’s small phone

The best of mwc 2024. Wrist smartphone, transparent notebook and other innovations were seen at mwc 2024. Check it out!
Another wrist phone – this time one from Samsung and more discreet. Image: CNET

If foldable and even rollable phones haven’t impressed you, what about a small phone that sits on your wrist like a watch? A day after Motorola launched its wrist-wrap phone, Samsung unveiled a similar concept called Cling Band. Here we have a device with a screen that is not flat, which for some users may not seem very aesthetic. Samsung has a strong history of manufacturing phones, smartwatches and smartbands. The Cling Band is something close to all of these devices, but it’s also something entirely new.

And you, what did you think of these devices? Are you excited to have any of them? Tell us comments!

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With information from: Wired, Mashable and PCMag.

Reviewed by Glaucon Vital on 5/3/24.

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