Telpecon Update Channel Latest Telpecon News 2023 -
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Telpecon Update Channel Latest Telpecon News 2023

Telpecon Update Channel Latest Telpecon News 2023

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Please kindly read this update, its for every one who want to benefits from Telpecon.

Telpecon Update Channel Latest Telpecon News 2023

According to one “Evangelist Philip Shamback Samuel”

From the desk of SHAMBACH
I kindly apologize to the delay on telpecon grant Telpecon is set for disbursement now.
Rev elomama assured me that he must deliver now, this is the reason why I ask everyone to desists from any form of protest now in other not to disrupt the disbursement process.
After telpecon disbursement celebration, SHAMBACH is going to declare …..2 million batarlion march protest.. tagged ..,OPPRATION DISBUSED OUR GRANTS….. against
(6) OSEEA GRANT etc…
I SHAMBACH will be on the forefront with various stakeholders involved along …..2 million batarlions March, I mean them now, we are going to find them from …door to door, house to house…. office to office ….
They have collected money from Nigerians and have become billionaire over night at the detriment of poor Nigerian, enough is enough.
There I no doubt that all the grant listed are 100 real, but it must be DISBUSED now….
If the travel outside the country, we must bring them back
We are going to give them 3 months ultimatum to DISBUSED there grant or else….it will be eye for an eye and tooth for tooth
Send this message to there various offices and convener,
We know there various offices, places of residence as well as the convener’s, i have inform all major stakeholders across the 6 geopolitical zones of the country, so send these messages to them.
If they fail to DISBUSED those grant to Nigerians after they have promised us within that 3 months we will give on the said day we will declare that pronouncement…….if the said date elapse without no actions…THEN THEY WILL KNOW WHO IS SHAMBACH..☺️

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