Subscribe to Airtel Cheap Data Plan 2022 See Validity, Prices, and Subscription Codes

Subscribe to Airtel Cheap Data Plan 2022 See Validity, Prices, and Subscription Codes

If you have an Airtel Sim Card, then this post is for you because all we will be talking about is how you can subscribe for a cheap plan.

Here also, you will get a cheap data plan and codes that will be use for this subscription.

Even though Airtel Nigeria is giving out this subscription to everyone who has Airtel, it is considered one of the biggest telecommunications network companies in Nigeria, and for good reason.

Another thing about Airtel Nigeria is that their Data plan is very affordable.

New report has it that millions of Nigerians are migrating to the Airtel network due to its amazing offers, bonuses, cheap data plan, and cheap call rate.

Kindly note that am here to just inform you on how you can purchase a very cheap and affordable data plans from Airtel.

So it is very clear that Airtel data bundle plans including the daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, social media plans, and unlimited data plans is what we will show you on this post.

Check for Airtel Data Bundle Plan Here

Some of the data plans will be listed below here, but am not going to discuss in details.

Am very sure that if you could not get it right, then you can try search about Airtel Data Plans and bundle.

  1. Daily Plans
  2. Weekly Plans
  3. Monthly Plans
  4. Mega Plans
  5. Everyday-ON Plans
  6. Social Plans
  7. Nightlife Bundles
  8. Unlimited Data Plans

For instance, the daily plans code that is available for you is

₦50: 40MB valid for 24 hours (1 day). To subscribe; Dial *141*50#.

The least amount for the Weekly plans is

₦300: 250MB valid for 7 days (1 Week). To subscribe; Dial *141*300#

While that of monthly can be seen as ₦1,000: 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night bundle + 450MB Spotify bundle + 510MB TikTok bundle + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming.

This plan is valid for 30 Days. To subscribe; Dial *141*1000#