Spalletti is the best Italian coach: Come and talk to the Azzurri

Luciano Spalletti

Spalletti is the best Italian coach, the Golden Bench is his. And he summons Sinner: “Come and talk to the Azzurri”

The current Italian coach was the most voted after winning the scudetto with Napoli

FLORENCE. The bench of Luciano Spalletti, coach of the national team, is golden. This is what the coaches decided – 42 votes in favor out of 61 – who last season, in Serie A and B, witnessed Napoli’s golden journey to the historic Scudetto. «Magic…», defines it the Italian coach who had already won the same prestigious trophy when he showed himself urbi et orbi at the helm of Udinese twenty years ago.

D’Oro is the bench of those who will have to make us dream at the European Championships on the agenda, from June, in Germany. And Golden is the racket of the person, Jannik Sinner, who made us dream just a few hours ago. «We are talking – Spalletti underlines – of a boy of disarming simplicity: our tennis champion transmits humanity and tranquility to us, his story is built on work and example. I’ll want to talk to us, I’m sure we’d come away with something to learn. Me and my boys…”.

The call has started, knowing the Azzurri coach the opportunity for a comparison will be found: Sinner, for Spalletti, embodies the spirit that the coach would like to see in his locker room. «Whoever wears the national team shirt must understand its importance and give back to millions of Italians the joy that he feels in being here, with us…», Spalletti’s thought.

And then: «This award given by colleagues who are the best coaches in the world requires me to be a better coach for the future», with these words, the coach commented on the news of the award he had just obtained. Obviously thanks also go to those who worked with him: «I thank my players, the staff and managers of the club, director Giuntoli, the whole city that has feeling and passion and all of you colleagues from whom I have learned so much. I started with my brother Marcello who carried my bag, now I’m in heaven coaching the national team even if the moment in Italian football isn’t easy.”

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