Npower NEXIT Registration Link Portal | NEXIT Login / Sign Up –

Npower NEXIT Registration Link Portal

Npower NEXIT Registration Link Portal | NEXIT Login / Sign Up –

It’s very clear that all beneficiaries of N-Power applicants are to stand a chance to re-register and re-apply for the second time N-Power NEXIT which is currently going on. So the Npower NEXIT Registration Link Portal is OUT.

This is a good arrangement from the Federal Government and CBN Empowerment Scheme. However former Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries are to start their registration immediately. The NEXIT Link Npower Volunteers is now

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NEXIT Login / Sign Up –

One thing i know for sure is that this registration is from the federal government and it is an Empowerment that is truly supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

So if you are still waiting before you register, then it’s your choice, and also those who register and apply first will be the first set of batch to be selected in this program.

Npower NEXIT Registration Link Portal

Npower Batch A and B NPVN portal is one top portal for all Npower volunteers and as for this, beneficiaries mostly access opportunity through the NPVN portal / link.

However only those who have benefited from Npower are eligible to register / apply for NEXIT CBN Npowerment Scheme.

So all candidates applying for NEXIT registratio should tak e NOTE of this key POINTS:

  • The NEXIT Portal is for N-Power beneficiaries that have completed their programme.
  • CBN and Npower scheme jointly launched the PROGRAMME.
  • The portal will enable existed N-Power beneficiaries to apply for CBN Empowerment Options
  • Interested beneficiary needs to visit the portal to apply
  • Applicants needs to provide required information for possible placements into the Various CBN Empowerment options.

How to Register for Npower NEXIT 

Are you now ready to register / apply for Npower NEXIT Portal? Then go ahead and apply here

So to apply as a former Npower Batch A or B Volunteers for the Npower NEXIT CBN Empowerment, you have to visit:

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