Non Graduate Jobs for 2023-2024  Recruitment is Out: Submit your Letter Here

Non Graduate Jobs for 2023-2024  Recruitment is Out: Submit your Letter Here

When you talk about Non graduate, then you are referring to those who does not have any academic qualifications. I can also put it this way, non graduates are people who were not able to attend or finish from any higher institution.

Some people could not even attend or graduate from Secondary School.

So the fact that many people who are not a graduates are searching for job, does it means that they are not intelligent or wise.

Job opportunity is very easy to get when you finally define your qualifications or prepare a good CV.

But those who are not graduate may find it a bit difficult to get a job.

Employers are only interested to know your academic qualifications and school certificate.

Jobs like Barbing, Hotel attendant, Fuel Station Pump attendant, Cleaner and Gardner, Security, unskilled labour jobs will be highly favored by Non graduates.

Non Graduate Jobs for 2023-2024  Recruitment is Out

You can start placing or seeking for a job via the recruitment agents representatives.

Those guys will connect you with company’s or industries who are on need of workers.

You can also go through online job adverts on websites where you could get a job easier.

Another disadvantage to a non graduate job seeker is that their salary is very small.

This is because they have no academic qualifications or poor result to merit a good job from a high paying company.

Finally, you can get a job as a non graduate easier when ever you place your CV properly in any company.