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New MBA Forex Online Investments Platform & How to Migrate to MBA Account E-Wallet Payments 

New MBA Forex Online Investments Platform & How to Migrate to MBA Account E-Wallet Payments 

Here’s full gist on how you can migrate to MBA account E-Wallet for your payments. So I have come to info you about the New MBA Forex Online Investments Platform that is ready to start.

So for clarity purpose, you have to understand that this migration is ongoing for the purpose of your validation.

Just try and get your account validated on time so that you will be among those that will be paid early.

MBA Nigeria Forex Revalidation of Account To E-Wallet for Payments

The process of Revalidating your account for MBA Forex to receive payment is very necessary and very easy.

So this guide will help you through on this stage.

Follow this easy verification steps:

  • Check your mail (inbox and spam)
  • Login your dashboard
  • Revalidate your account
  • Wait for verification
  • Access and withdraw your funds

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New MBA Forex Online Investments Platform And MBA Forex Questions and Answers 

On this new MBA Forex Online Investments platform, there are frequently ask questions (FAQs) that I would like you to know. So this questions will help you to understand everything you need to know about MBA New Platform.

Here are the questions:

  • Is the Realisation Necessary?


  • What is the essence of the Realisation? 

To protect you against identity theft and email fraud 

  • Will every Investors receive the email?

Yes all investors with Investments ID will receive the email 

  • After receiving the email, what’s next?

Kindly visit to Revalidate your account 

  • What about investors without investors ID? 

Their payment will be done manually until their contract expires

  • How often are we required to Revalidate account?

The Revalidation is a one-time process

  • Why are we required to upload our Document?

It is a basic requirements for the migration process to ensure investments status

  • How safe is our money? 

100% safe and secure

  • What if my statement of Account is lenghty?

You can request for your statement from your bank to be sent directly to

Note: no third party 

  • What documents are required for the Revalidation process? 

Correct phone numbers and Email address 

A valid ID Card, Passport photographs, Proof of residence ( Utility bill, Tenancy Agreement)

Bank statement showing initial capital invested

All Top’s Up ROI’s, Receipt of Cash Deposit if any

So that’s all, with all this process,  then your account update will be due for payments.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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