Latest Top Platforms To Sell Your Product For Free In Nigeria

Latest Top Platforms To Sell Your Product For Free In Nigeria

Are you new to any online selling platform in Nigeria? Would you like to know a good platform where you could list out some products of yours for sale? Then this post will help you with some vital information.

Note that you can sell any products online anytime you venture into this platform am about to show you. Then the negotiation between the buyer and the seller will also take place.

It is very clear that Building an E-commerce website for a small business will be somehow complex. Many businesses are now down just because of not having traffic to their E-commerce websites.

The result has completely changed these days; with some top E-commerce sites, you can sell your products for free.

Business is all about packaging and branding; those with law sell are the ones who can’t brand and package their business.

Top Platforms To Sell Products For Free In Nigeria

Below is the list of top online shopping platforms that offer free advertising to their users.

1. Jumia

I can’t believe you never heard about Jumia; It’s the number one online marketplace that offers varieties of items to sell.


Jiji is the second Nigerian marketplace where buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services.

3. is one of the Nigerian top e-commerce sites and free marketplace founded and owned by Opera.

4. Konga

Konga is an open ecommerce platform that provides its users some number of items to post and sell for free.

However, if you read this update, you will be able to sell anything online through this platform.