Is 2002 Toyota Corolla Model Good for Bolt Ride Business? 

Is 2002 Toyota Corolla Model Good for Bolt Ride Business? 

Hello everyone, am here because I want to answer some important questions now. A lot people are confuse and wants me to help them clerify if they can start a Bolt ride business with their Car.

As I said before, most of them have a Car whose model might not be accepted in Bolt ride.

However, they have ask if Bolt Company can accept 2002 Toyota Corolla Model as a Bolt taxi? So I take it upon me to explain further.

Right now, Bolt have a standard specs for any Car that wants to register or partner with them.

Atleast any car that is from 2002 Model, that has a factory fitted Air condition working perfectly, with a good sound from the engine is good to go.

Another thing that I will not fail to mention is that the vehicle inspection must be cleared.

So the car must have an update vehicle license, and the driver must ensure that he has a driver permit or license.

2002 Toyota Corolla Model is Good for Bolt Ride

The government does not provide enough job opportunity to the people, so everyone who has a car is now making a u-turn by going into a taxi with their car.

So Bolt Ride makes it easier for one to start a taxi business successfully with any stress

Most common car that is very suitable for this business is Toyota Corolla 2002 modern upwards.

Yes, you can as well partner in Bolt Company with any vehicle such as Honda, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Gulf etc. All you need is just the necessary requirements.

Finally, let me just inform you that there’s money in Driving With Bolt ride. You can even generate a huge amount of money worths 300k monthly only if u are serious.