iPhone SE 4 design should be similar to the iPhone 14


O Showmetech TRIO is a compilation of the most interesting news of the week. Today, let’s talk about iPhone SE 4Apple’s “most affordable” model, which should hit the market with a design similar to the iPhone 14. Next we have CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and X — Elon Musk — states that the OpenAI does its job ignoring the risks that AIs can cause to humanity. And this new feature could arrive with a design similar to the iPhone 14. And finally, have you ever wondered what it would be like to return to Earth from space? The company Varda Space Industries released a video of the reentry of a capsule to Earth with this perspective.

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iPhone SE 4 render

The renders suggest that this will be the new 4th generation iPhone SE.  Image: 91mobiles iphone 4 se
The renders suggest this will be the new 4th generation iPhone SE. Image: 91mobiles

O iPhone SEthe “most affordable” line of smartphones from Apple, there should be another model soon. The website 91mobiles exclusively managed the rendering of the next iPhone SE 4revealing major design changes.

Previous iPhone SE models were derived from older versions of the iPhone, including retaining the old home button. However, for the first time, the brand is planning a major overhaul. Based on CAD renderings, the source confirms that the iPhone SE 4 will come with a 6.1-inch screen. This change is a considerable upgrade over the 4.7-inch screen found in the last two SE models.

CAD renderings also reveal that the iPhone SE 4 will have a notch similar to the iPhones 13 and 14 and will include technology Face ID. Furthermore, the phone will feature a single main camera on the back, keeping this part of the design similar to its predecessors.

Even the dimensions of the iPhone SE 4 resemble the size of the iPhones 13 and 14. Another rumor involving the device’s design cites the possible inclusion of a USB-C port, since Apple adopted this port to be able to legally sell its devices. in Europe. Maybe the 4th generation iPhone SE makes its debut in 2025. But with rumors piling up, it’s possible that the device could appear at this year’s big event alongside the launch of the iPhone 16 series.

POV: Reentering Earth

A Varda Space Industries, a space technology company, released images that offer a first-person view of the return of a space capsule to Earth, through a camera installed on the object. The scenes capture from the moment the capsule separates from its orbiting carrier satellite until its re-entry and arrival at the Earth’s surface. A W-1 capsule made its landing at the Utah Test and Training Range on February 21, marking a historic milestone for a commercial enterprise.

The capsule remained in low Earth orbit for almost eight months, in a standby state while the company awaited the necessary government approvals to land on American soil. It is worth mentioning that Varda, in partnership with the American rocket company Rocket Lab, is advancing the development of mini-laboratories capable of producing pharmaceutical products in orbit. In this case, the W-1 capsule was working with the ritonavir medication, for treating patients with HIV.

For this specific mission, the W-1 capsule was attached to the satellite component Photon from Rocket Lab. Before launch, the company said the Photon would provide power, communications and altitude control for the capsule.

The Photon successfully delivered the capsule to the position required for re-entry, and then the Photon itself burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Now that the capsule has returned to Earth, the publication Ars Technica reports that ritonavir crystals grown in orbit will be analyzed by Indiana-based pharmaceutical company Improved Pharma.

Elon Musk x OpenAI

iPhone SE 4 design should be similar to iPhone 14 |  trio.  Rendering of the iPhone 4 if, assimilating to the iPhone 14;  video shows re-entry to earth in a capsule and the legal fight between elon musk and openai
On the left, Elon Musk, and on the right, Sam Altman. Image: SMT

Recently, a lawsuit initiated in the state of California left the technology industry on alert. Elon Muskone of the main investors in OpenAI in the early days of the company, decided to sue the creator of ChatGPT. Musk argues that the CEO Sam Altman made a deal with Microsoft in 2020 with the sole purpose of making a profit, which goes against the initial purpose defined when Musk was still investing in the company.

At the end of 2015, OpenAI was founded with the mission of being a company not focused on profits, but on developing technological advances accessible to everyone. As expected, resources for research and development in artificial intelligence needed to be obtained somehow. It is worth remembering that unlike Elon Musk, who invested in OpenAI only in its early stages, Microsoft is one of the company’s biggest investors at the time and currently.

In 2018, Elon Musk stepped down from the board for unclear reasons and now he claims that Sam Altman practically “sold” OpenAI to Microsoft. This is because the technology giant is one of the companies that most incorporate OpenAI features into their applications and Windows.

Another accusation made by Elon Musk is that OpenAI is putting humanity at risk by developing a AGI (acronym for Artificial General Intelligence) without the due involvement of experts. AGI is a type of artificial intelligence that would have the ability to understand, learn and perform any task that a human being is capable of doing.

An excerpt from the process says: “OpenAI Inc. has been transformed into a de facto closed-source subsidiary of the world’s largest technology company: Microsoft. Under its new board, it is not only developing but also improving AGI to maximize profits for Microsoft, not for the benefit of humanity.

The development of this type of system remains under constant discussion, raising ethical and security issues that could affect several aspects in companies and society as a whole. To date, AGI has not yet been fully understood, but several studies are underway to develop this system responsibly and without causing harm to humanity.

More details on this fight between Elon Musk and OpenAI can be found in full, here on Showmetech.

And with that we conclude today’s video. Elon Musk’s interference in OpenAI’s work could serve as a warning to the world, showing that artificial intelligence, despite being quite effective, can also be a possible risk to humanity. Even though the 4th generation iPhone SE is practically a year away from launch, it is possible to see if the rumors will be confirmed later this year. What about the re-entry of the W-1 capsule on Earth? An incredible view, which we usually only see in science fiction films and series.

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