Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Individual Registration Form

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Individual Registration Form

To complete your registration with the FMBN, please fill out this form. The information will be used to verify your identity and employment status in Nigeria. You must provide a valid email address so that we can send instructions on how to obtain an account on our website. Please note that if you are unable to provide all of the requested information, it may delay or prevent us from completing your registration.

Please fill the form below to complete your individual registration

Please fill out the form below to complete your individual registration.

To register as an individual, please click here and follow instructions. You should have been approved for a mortgage loan before attempting to register.

Please be sure to fill out this form completely, as incomplete forms may result in delays or rejection of your application.


Address Details

  • Street Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Country:
  • Postal Code:

Employment Details

Employment Details

Employer Name:

Employer Address:

Employer Phone Number:

Employer Email Address:

Employer Website Address:

Identification Details

Please enter your details below.

  • Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Gender:
  • Marital Status (optional): single, married, divorced or widowed;_spacer;_spacer;_spacer;_spacer;_spacer;_spacer;_spacer;_spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> _spacee the> * Occupation: (i.e., doctor, lawyer) Please state “student” if you are a student._br__br__br__br__br__br


We appreciate that you have taken the time to consider investing your hard-earned money in our program. We ask that you carefully read and understand all of the information in this document before proceeding further.

By clicking on “Next” at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to a second page where you can confirm your intention to participate in our program by providing personal information about yourself. You agree that providing false or misleading information may result in forfeiture of any funds remitted into your account as well as immediate termination from participating in any future programs or promotions offered by us or any affiliated companies (collectively referred to herein as “MFBN”).

Nominee Details

  • Name of the nominee
  • Nominee’s address
  • Nominee’s employment details, including name and address of employer, number of years worked there, salary paid and pension contributions. If you’re self-employed, provide details about your business and income. You can also provide additional information like age, sex and marital status.
  • Identification numbers (ID) for nominee or sponsor – passport number/national ID card number/driver’s license number/bank account number

Fill the form with details as indicated

  • Fill the form with details as indicated
  • Ensure that you use a computer for this purpose, as it would be easy to fill in the form accurately and avoid errors
  • Do not use capital letters
  • Do not leave anything blank (even though some fields do not require data)
  • Do not use abbreviations or special characters such as: “@”, “+”, “$”, “%” etc., except in those cases where they are clearly specified


We will review your application and send you an email if we have any questions. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at: [email protected] or visit our website for more information about the mortgage loan process.

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