Darren Cahill already knows what needs to be done to keep Jannik Sinner winning

Darren Cahill

Darren Cahill already knows what needs to be done to keep Jannik Sinner winning

Here are the words in the press conference reported by Supertennis by Darren Cahill, the Australian coach who together with Simone Vagnozzi contributed fundamentally to making Jannik Sinner’s performance grow exponentially, which led him to lead Italy to the conquest of the Davis Cup and today the historic triumph at the Australian Open.

“Daniil played an incredible match considering the efforts he made during these two weeks. We knew he would start strong, more aggressive than usual, but we didn’t believe he would be able to maintain that level for so long for both the first sets.”

“The break made in the second set gave us a glimpse of some light for the first time during those first two sets and this allowed Jannik to have more confidence at the start of the third.”

“But even there, I think he did a great job in a couple of games at serve to keep it, which was really important given how Daniil was serving. There were moments in the match where he was fielding 5 out of 6 first serves. and it was hard to break it. If we had given up serve in the first games of the third set it would have been very hard to get back into the match.” 

“My contribution in the match was less than that offered by Simone, because it was up to him to find a way to put Jannik back on track. Once he succeeded, it was just a fight because Daniil is a player who never gives up.”

“Simone and I talked often during the match and we made some adjustments and it was he who relayed these messages. He really did an incredible job with Jannik in the last two years. But then, once we got to the fourth and fifth sets it all depends on what you have inside and Jannik had the right answers inside himself. You have to challenge yourself and push yourself beyond your limits to react to moments like the ones experienced today, dare big shots, believe in it and have the courage to try when it matters most “.

“I did nothing but reinforce the concepts we talked about in recent days: sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. But today it certainly helped him maintain his concentration on the match, and it was very important.”

“Yes, I think he can really be considered a star. At the moment this sport doesn’t have many: I think Carlos is a lot like Jannik in this, they play with great enthusiasm and this is reflected in their tennis, and then they are good guys, They have a good character and off the field they also get along well. It’s a friendly rivalry, theirs. When they face each other they fire up, I don’t think there was a single boring match they played.”

“Our job is to keep pushing it. It’s just the beginning of the season, the year is still long and it’s right now to enjoy this moment. But when we get back on a tennis court we will make sure we try to get him to maintain this right attitude, which is what is needed to continue winning.”

“Are there any differences compared to other winning teams I’ve worked for? Well, the answer for me is simple because I’m working with the best coach I’ve ever worked with: Simone. I had never worked with a coach like him and I have to say that he is doing an incredible job.”

“Moments like this are special. The feeling you feel throughout the team when your player manages to achieve such a great result is fantastic. And Jannik made us feel it.”

“This is even more so because we are a very united team. The Italian kids are always among themselves and work hard without giving up having fun. It is an excellent work culture. Everyone respects everyone else and no one puts themselves in a position of superiority over to the other, we are all on the same level. Everyone is listened to, each of us has an opinion, even Jannik, and we all try to deepen them in pursuit of what is best for him.”

“This Italian team is really special, I already love them all madly. I’ve only been with them for a year and a half but it’s as if I’ve known them for five. We really have a wonderful relationship.”

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