COVID19 Loan Update 2021: Link to check NMFB COVID19 Loan for Household & SME Approval

COVID19 Loan Update 2021: Link to check NMFB COVID19 Loan for Household & SME Approval

I have written many post on Covid 19 Loan relief, so this is not different from others, you get the point now. I will definitely take my time to elaborate more on this post for your own good.

COVID19 Loan Update 2021 is mainly for applicants that applied for NMFB COVID-19 Loan Support Scheme. This post is to update applicants for COVID19 Loan Support Programme about the latest news concerning loan approval. See more details under.

This post will give you today latest new about 2021 Covid19 TCF loan, the Nirsal Micro Finance bank NMFB has given a new update for Covid19 Applicant. According to the update, Applicants who applied for the Covid-19 in the following categories should follow the link below to check their loan approval status.

We noticed that there is massive approval of the NFMB COVID 19 Loan for Applicants who have previously applied for the loan. The message is now been sent to selected Applicants and some of you may not know that you have been selected for the loan.

COVID19 Loan Update 2021

You will see message like this one here below

Dear Applicants, Your Covid 19 Loan application is approved. Click here to accept the offer and get the funds in your account.

So the Second Message for those who are yet to accept the loan offer goes like this:

Dear Applicant, you are yet to accept your Covid-19 TCF. Please do so before the close of business on 15/02/21 otherwise the fund will be recalled. Thank you.

So finally you can apply here to see your Covid-19 Relief Funds.

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