Caserta returns to play at his home

Caserta returns to play at his home

Caserta returns home

Paperdi Caserta, after an entire first round played in Aversa, thanks to the exemption granted by the FIP with the favorable opinion of the Basketball League, returns tomorrow evening, Wednesday, to the capital city to face, in the third leg of the national Serie B championship , the Banca Popolare del Cassinate in a decidedly important match for the Bianconeri who, with last Sunday’s success in Salerno, have reopened the game to try to avoid the direct relegation expected at the end of the regular season for the last in the ranking.

Due to the limited capacity of the “Buonarroti” gym, access to the Viale Michelangelo facility will be allowed exclusively to season ticket holders of the Juventus club and for this match, as well as for the next two scheduled in the same gym, no tickets will be on sale.

Tomorrow evening’s match against Cassino – states coach Dell’Imperio – is certainly an extremely important match for us. First of all because we are finally returning to play in Caserta and it is clear that the enthusiasm and the desire are great. Obviously we know we are playing against an opponent that is not easy, absolutely. Cassino is certainly a well-structured, well-trained team, deep in rotations, with important individuals such as Teghini, Gay, Dincic, to name a few, but they are certainly a team that, as I said before, is absolutely well-structured and deep in rotations, with a certain team identity that allows them to be dangerous both in the paint and from the three-point range. We – concludes the coach from Caserta – come from a week where we finally managed to win an important match against Salerno, so we start from there, from the desire to reconfirm the victory and above all the desire to continue to do well. Having awareness of the fact that since the Salerno match we are convinced that with the right determination, the right hunger, we can have our say against everyone.”

The competition between Paperdi and Banca Popolare del Cassinate will start at 8.30 pm and will be directed by Mauro Davide Barbieri from Rome and Davide Barletta from Montesilvano (PE). At the match officials’ table were the scorekeeper Concetta Lillo from San Prisco (CE), the timekeeper Daniela D’Andrea from Caserta and the 24 second shooter Bruno Senese from Naples.

The live match will be streamed on the web on the LNPPass platform for subscribers to the service and in radio commentary on the frequencies of Radioprimarete Caserta. Live updates of the match through the official social channels of Paperdi Juvecaserta 2021 (Instagram and Facebook).

The first midweek round of the return round includes, in addition to Paperdì Caserta – BPC Cassino, the matches between Alberti and Santi Fiorenzuola – Gema Montecatini, Del.Fes Avellino – Geko Consulting Sant’Antimo, Fabo Montecatini – Virtus Arechi Salerno, Paffoni Omegna – Npc Rieti Sporthub, all starting at 8.30pm. The ball will be raised, however, at 9.00 pm for Caffè toscano Livorno – Bakery Piacenza, Logiman Crema – Brianza Casa, Rimadesio Desio – Akern Livorno, Solbat Piombino – Sae Scientifica Legnano

This is the ranking: Fabo Montecatini 30, Akern Livorno, Caffè toscano Livorno 28, Gema Montecatini 24, Brianza Casa, Geko Consulting Sant’Antimo 22, Solbat Piombino, Logiman Crema 20, Sae Scientifica Legnano, Bakery Basket Piacenza, Rimadesio Desio, Banca Popolare Del Cassinate, Paffoni Omegna 18, Alberti and Santi Fiorenzuola, Del.Fes Avellino 16, Npc Rieti Sporthub 12, Virtus Arechi Salerno 7*, Paperdi Caserta 4

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