Bolt Price to Customers and Driver’s – Bolt in Nigeria

Uber vs Bolt: Which is better for drivers and customers?

Bolt Price to Customers and Driver’s – Bolt in Nigeria

Have you noticed that Bolt have different price tags they offer to their customers and their drivers?

Now the truth of the matter is that Bolt Nigeria wants to favor their customer by placing a price lower for drivers.

A friend of mine who owns a car and register under Bolt Nigeria told me that whenever a customer ordered for a ride, the amount that is charged is very less and not okay for that order.

Many Bolt Drivers have complain about it and even held a protest on that. So all they want is to make a good increase for any order placed by the customers.

So Customer pays lower while the bolt Drivers suffers loss because they couldn’t even recover their expenses on both fuel and car maintenance.

It’s so heart warming and discouraging that all this while nothing have been done.

Finally, I want to urge the Bolt Company to kindly look into this matter to hasten up their price rate in a better way in other to favor both the drivers and customers.

Another thing I would like to talk about is the rate at which their bolt Drivers are being suspended.

Many Bolt Drivers have quit from driving bolt while some are suspended by the company.

So it is my concern to air this view and to outspoken this matter, to let the Bolt officials look into this and sort them all.

Originally, Bolt is here to give employment to people and also satisfy the needs of the people by creating business opportunity, making travel to be very easy.