Apply for 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize, Get Up to $25,000 Cash Grant

Apply for 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize, Get Up to $25,000 Cash Grant

I saw this Application grants so i decide to have it on my blog and to open up to all my audience if they can just apply. Such opportunity is a lucrative one because it’s free and you don’t pay any money for applying. Yes the application is online so what you just have to do is to access the portal and apply.

So now, lets give you guy’s the full details!!!

The J.M.K. Innovation Prize seeks to identify, support, and elevate innovators who are spearheading transformative early-stage projects in the fields of social justice, the environment, and heritage conservation.

Award From J.M.K. Innovation Prize?

In 2021, we will award up to ten Prizes, each including a cash award of $150,000 over three years, plus $25,000 in technical assistance funds, for a total award of $175,000. Awardees also receive guidance through the Fund and its resource network, providing tools and training that can help turn innovative ideas into life-changing social impacts.

Interested in applying? 


Individuals or teams representing non-profit or for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for the 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize. The Prize will be awarded to projects or ideas that:

  • represent a game-changing answer to a clearly identified need;
  • are innovative within one or more of the Fund’s three program areas;
  • demonstrate the potential to develop an actionable pilot or prototype with Prize funding; and
  • hold out the promise to benefit multiple individuals, communities, or sectors through a clearly articulated theory of change.