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2021 Covid-19 Bonus Registration Requirements & Amount – How to Apply

2021 Covid-19 Bonus Registration Requirements & Amount – How to Apply

For those of us who are looking for funds this January, there is an opportunity to apply and register for Covid-19 Bonus that is currently ongoing.

So this guide will help you to see this opportunity and apply, as you read on, make sure that you ask questions if you’re confused.

Before now, this update is to tell you that  variants of the Emergency Family Income, called IFE COVID, which will have variations based on the phase in the Step by Step Plan in which the beneficiary’s commune of residence is located.

So according to the whole story, this benefits will be delivered twice and will reach about 3.2 million homes throughout the country and will help families to alleviate the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Requirements to Receive The IFE COVID –  see details below

If you want this opportunity then see what you need here

  • were beneficiaries of sixth payment of the IFE.
  • that have a member of the family group as the cause of the Single Family Subsidy (SUF).
  • that are among the 60% of the most vulnerable population, according to the Social Household Registry (RSH).
  • who have a family income lower than that of the IFE.
  • that a member of the family group is a user of the Chile Seguridad y Oportunidades System (SSyOO).

CBN Covid-19 Loan Disbursement Payments Date – See Latest  Covid-19 Payments Update 2021

How to apply for 2021 Covid-19 Bonus

Applicants are to visit the Emergency Family Income to start the process and verify payment status.

However, if this is your first time and you haven’t receive IFE before, then you must complete an application form provided on the same portal.

Amount to be paid?

The amount depends on the community you belong. So you can see details below to know more about this

Click here to apply

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