How to Become a Baxi Box Representative and Earn Commission as an Agent of

How to Become a Baxi Box Representative and Earn Commission as an Agent of

I have come to let you know what Baxi Box do for a living. If you are reading this post, then just understand that Baxi box is currently trending online and you need to what they are into.

Baxi Box

But the main reason why am writing this guide is to truly you how you can become a representative in Baxibox.

Yes being one of Baxi Box agent qualifies you to receive commissions on every trasanction they take place.

So let me explain more and tell you everything you need to know before joining

Baxi Box Full Details – What Are They Into?

Do you know that Baxi Box as a multi-service platform is an innovative software solution that provides full control and management of the product and service portfolio on a real time basis.

So it is easier to understand that BAXI BOX one stop payment solution which allows you to pay all your necessary bills in one place all at once and also get commissions.

However, it is very clear that different payment can be done on baxi box such as Airtime, Gaming, Utility Bill Payments, Data Bundles, Ticketing, Transport, Collections and so much more.lets take a look at some of them.

BAXI BOX Services – All you need to know

If you join Baxi Box today then you will benefit alot as they offer different packages.

Here are some list of them

Bank account opening
✓Cash advance


✓ Cash Withdrawal


✓ Money Transfer via phone number registered with the bank.

✓Bulk SmS


✓Waec Pin


✓ Airtime and Data E.T.C

How to become a Baxi Box Agent / Representative from your Location

We have come to conclude this post here but before we end, we want to personally show you how you can be any of the Baxi Box Agents
So kindly read through this guide and apply here
  • You have to complete CDL sign-up form
  • Make sure you submit completed forms and attend platform briefing
  • Try and collect agreement documents and guarantor form from CDL
  • You have to also make financial commitment for the device
  • Then you can submit required documents and receive your device
  • Make sure that you have 2 passport photographs
  • Finally you can present any means of identification (Int’l passport, Driver’s license, National ID, Voter’s card)

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