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www.espianglobal.com Investment – ESPN Global Commander Rank Breakdown In Nigeria

www.espianglobal.com Investment – ESPN Global Commander Rank Breakdown In Nigeria

If you want to join ESPN Global Investment which is trending across the globe, then this is the best time to register and join.

You only need to join with your staring capital. so i will breakdown everything you need to know from scratch for you.

So the ESPN RANK AND EARNING Chart will show you how much you need to start with and then if you finally want to show interest to join, then i will put you through via my contact here on +234909 – Whatsapp/Call 

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You Can Watch The ESPN Global English Business Presentation on YouTube

So kindly note that ESPN Global Investment is now in 60 Countries, so don’t miss this opportunity. If you are so convince to register, then let us know, our Watsapp number is +234909 – Whatsapp/Call we will guide you on how to start.

www.espianglobal.com Investment

ESPN Global Commander Rank Breakdown In Nigeria


Commander Rank: *$6,350 – N3,175,000*. Earns N750’000 the next day N1,030,000 monthly.

Crusader Rank: *$3,150 – N1,575,000.* Earns #308,000 next day N400,000 monthly.

Guardian Rank: *$1550 – N775,000* Earn N150,000 next day Earn N200,000 monthly.

Herald Rank: *$750 – N375,000* Earns 40,000 next day Earn N100,000 monthly.

+234909 – Whatsapp/Call 

Very Important!!!

See Earnings And Ranks ESPN Global Investment Packages & Income


Commander Rank:* You get 5000sgt valued at $75 presently in 127 places and 63 account in *Hall of Fame*

Crusader Rank:* 5000sgt in 63places and 31 accounts in *Hall of Fame*

Guardian Rank:* 5000sgt in 31 places and 15 account in *Hall of Fame*

Herald Rank:* 5000 sgt in 15 places and 7 account in *Hall of Fame*

Also, you earn 2% *Monthly Royalty Bonus* when you become a quick Commander.


Sign up now: https://espianglobal.com



1. Click this link to create your account https://espianglobal.com

2. Enter your details including a valid email address (this is very important), names, desired password etc.

3. A mail will be sent to you. Click it to verify your account.

4. Log in to your account, click on My Profile or this icon (????‍♂️) then scroll to create your transaction password.

5. Enter your default password and click on generate transaction password. A transaction password will be sent to your registered email address. You can decide to change it but make sure you write it down or remember it as you will use it from time to time.

6. Go back to homepage and copy your btc or TRX or Eth address based on what you are using for payment and send the amount you want to use to activate your account to the wallet address there (Add and access of like $5 to curb fluctuations that if you activating $150 package send $155 worth of the coin you are using to make payment).

7. Once your coin is confirmed it will appear on your back office. (Alternatively you can also contact me or who invited you for EPT(espn play tokens) to activate your account.)

8. Click on Upgrade Rank, click on the Buy Now under your desired plan and select the wallet you are paying from.

9. Enter your transaction password and click on Submit. The system will automatically create your account(s) for you base on the number of accounts associated with your chosen plan and your plan start running instantly.

10. That’s all and welcome to the world of Champions – ESPN Global…

Sign Up Now here https://espianglobal.com

+234909 – Whatsapp/Call