What is Chinmark? See Important Update On Chinmark Group Before Joining - Chinmark Fin Africa Partnership  - Gistjob.com

What is Chinmark? See Important Update On Chinmark Group Before Joining – Chinmark Fin Africa Partnership 

What is Chinmark? See Important Update On Chinmark Group Before Joining – Chinmark Fin Africa Partnership 

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I have come to bring to your notice all you should ask yourself before joining Chinmark Group Company for Business Purposes.

So just take your time and see through this update before joining them for partnership.

This page is answers what Chinmark Is All about and how it came into play.

Chinmark Important Update and Latest News

  • What is Chinmark? 

Chinmark Group is an innovative organization that is here to lighten the burden of living within the nation and beyond by bringing the services she offers to all and sundry while maintaining quality and superior service delivery that exceed customer expectation

  • How does Chinmark work?

Chinmark Group has 6 arms that made it up namely:

A. Chinmark Homes and Shelters: 

B. Chinmark Loans 

C. FinAfrica Partnership

D. Chinmark Farms

E. Chinmark Rides

F. Chinmark Medicals

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  • What is Fin Africa Partnership?

FinAfrica is a well secured investment company that guarantees prospective partners and existing partners a profit margin of 3% – 4% interest on capital they partnered with, on a monthly basis of a minimum duration of 6 (Six) months and a maximum of 5 (five) years.

  • How Safe Is My Money?

All our partner’s monies are backed by insurance. Fin-Africa as an arm of Chinmark Group is registered under the corporate affairs commission. Alongside this, Axa Mansard and AIICO insurance company is one of the insurance companies Chinmark is insured with.

  • Do I Get My Money Back? 

Yes, you get your capital back at the end of the said partnership duration.

  • What is the Minimum Amount to partner with? 

500.000 is the minimum amount one can partner with in Fin-Africa which goes on 3% Returns On Partnership monthly.

  • What Happens If the Company Collapse?

In a situation of the company collapsing, which is not our prayer anyway, all our partners would be paid through selling off the company’s assets like the numerous estates, cars and a lot more.

  • Who runs FinAfrica? 

Fin Africa partnership is an arm of Chinmark Group and as such it is owned/directed by the President/Chairman of Chinmark Group Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah and his officials.

  • Where are the offices in FinAfrica and Chinmark?

Currently Chinmark Group have offices in Enugu, Owerri, Abuja, Onitsha, Portharcourt, Lagos, Kaduna, Uyo with Enugu as the head corporate office.
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  • Is Fine Africa a registered?

Fin Africa is an arm of Chinmark Group and Chinmark is registered under Corporate Affairs Commission, in addition to this, Finafrica is insured under AIICO and AXA Mansard insurance companies.

  • How do I become a partner? 

Steps on partnering with Fin africa;

  1. Firstly, as a partner acquaint yourself with any of the available packages and identify the particular package that suits your financial capacity.
    b. When you make your choice from the various packages, request a soft copy of the legal partnership document and read through all clauses carefully (for online transaction). You can also visit any of our offices to conclude your transaction. You can check out https://fin-af.com/for more information

So you can as well check for more update