TELPECON NEWS: Reinstated Executives Have Not Ran Away From Nigeria Rather Planning For Disbursement


TELPECON NEWS: Reinstated Executives Have Not Ran Away From Nigeria Rather Planning For Disbursement

Am very sure that this news on Telpecon will go along way to tell you something that you really need to know about Telpecon Disbursement funds.

Contrary to information flying around on social media that REINSTATED TELPECON  Executives have ran away from the country, Apostle Ken Nwakama has countered the allegation on Saturday night being 13th March, 2021.

According to Apostle Ken Nwakama in a TELPECON’s official WhatsApp group, he said “the information flying around that   Asogbon, Nkanta & Joy   have ran away from Nigeria ahead of disbursement is false and should be disregarded”.

He added that in a meeting held at IGP’s office last week, the trio were made to sign an undertaking that they will remain in the country until TELPECON’s grants are disbursed except otherwise permitted on mutual understanding.

Apostle Ken Nwakama also revealed that the “telex copies” of the grants which had generated a lot of concerns are expected to be made public possibly Monday or Tuesday this week.

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Similarly, he made known that TELPECON’s chairman, Elomama would in the same way, address the beneficiaries on the state of things next week.

He stressed that the sum of $700m is not what is available for disbursement as being rumoured hence, he emphasized that the money available for disbursement is far more than that and can go round beneficiaries with substantial amount.

As at the time of filing this report, he revealed that no amount was agreed for disbursement yet but however appealed to the beneficiaries to calm their nerves as justice would be done to all at the end of the day.

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