Racksterli Registration In Nigeria – Payments Update Latest News on Racksterli Website


Racksterli Registration In Nigeria – Payments Update Latest News on Racksterli Website

This is just a tip of what am about to share to you. If you really know that you invested in Racksterli income scheme,  then this guide will help you to get back your money.

I have taken all my time to explain everything you need to know on Racksterli registration and payments update on latest news.

So How About Racksterli Investment?

What you should know about this Racksterli is that it provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for making passive income.

What people are searching for!!!

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If you have invested your money on this platform, then this is how you will get paid. The platform is very easy and mobile friendly.
You don’t need to spend much before you register, you can start as little as 14k minimum.

Racksterli Packages That You Should Know

1.    Standard package for N14000 ( Fourteen thousand naira )
2.    Premium package for N28000 ( Twenty eight thousand naira)
3.    Platinum package for  N56000 ( Fifty six thousand naira )
4.    Gold   package for      N112000 ( One hundred and Twelve thousand naira )
5.    Diamond package for N280,000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand naira)

6.  Ruby package for 560,000 (five hundred and sixty thousand naira only)


7. Emerald package for 1,120,000 (one million, one hundred and twenty thousand naira only)

8.  Pearl package for 2,800,000 (two million, eight hundred thousand naira only)

9.  Jasper package for 5,000,000 (five million naira only)

So without wasting much of your time, you can get full gist on how you can join and register here.

How to Register / Sign-up and Login to Racksterli investment scheme

If you follow this steps then you will be a member of Racksterli.

Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started.
I. On the racksterli website click on the COUPON VENDOR.
II. Contact one the coupon vendors to get a coupon code
III. Click on the register button.
IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details
V. Then login with email or username and password.