Is MBA Forex Still Paying? – MBA Forex Latest News 


Check Here to know if MBA Forex Still Paying – MBA Forex Latest News 

If you want to know if MBA is still paying, then see this update here and check.

The MBA Forex Trading Company have come to stay. News have been going everywhere that MBA Trading and Capital Investments have crashed. Is that true?

This is why we have decided to write this post so that you will know the latest update on MBA Forex trading.

First of all, let me inform you that the MBA forex trading online platform is still on and payment of Return of Investment will still continue.

You can check the MBA official portal for login and update of account via

So this post will really help you to update your MBA account for ROI payments.

MBA Return Of Investments (ROI) Payments Update

Here is how you will update your account for your payments.

So if you have not received any payments of ROI for some months now, then this guide is for you.


You have to follow  this step here to update your details on MBA trading platform.

So I will properly guide you on how to update it successfully.

Before now, i will mention those update you need for this payment.

MBA Payment Updates

You have to make sure that you provide us with this information for your update to be complete and ready for payments.

So this is the Updates and Validation details you need; 

  • Email account 
  • Username and password 
  • Phone number 
  • MBA websites portal

MBA Trading And Capital Investment Limited – Latest News Update 

How to Update MBA Return Of Investments (ROI) Payments for Validation 

Follow these validation step

  • Check your mail (inbox & spam)
  • Login your Dashboard
  • Revalidate your account
  • Wait for verification
  • Access and withdraw your funds

That’s all for now. So if you have any issues on regards to this, then kindly write to us below here.

We will get in touch with you.  We are ready to help you get a good service from our MBA platform


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