Explainer: The 3 N-power Messages About Grant Fund Payment and Loan you Should Avoid

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Explainer: The 3 N-power Messages About Grant Fund Payment and Loan you Should Avoid

Have you ever received a message in your e-mail about the Npower loan, Npower grant funds? if yes, then here is everything you need to know today.

What you are going to read today will help you to understand some things you need to know concerning N-power Nigeria and how to always stay safe as a beneficiary.

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If you want to stay safe all the time, kindly ensure you ignore all the listed messages about grants and loan funding.

1) If the message, sms or email, sent to you contains a link that requires you to fill in your N-Power details but did not direct you to the original N-Power portal which is NASIMS portal, rather it redirects you to a fake N-Power Recruitment website don’t fill in your details.


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2) Check the sender of the message if the phone number or email does not match with the N-Power NASIMS portal support contact for Batch C, and the N-EXIT support team contact for Batches A and B, ignore it.

3) Always check the domain extension, most Federal Government website always ends with the .gov.ng, avoid .com .org links and links with – hyphens, these are red flags.

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Kindly take note that there is nothing like an N-power grant, it has come to our notice that a website is circulating fake news about N-power 30,000 grant. Please you have to avoid this type of message.

N-power only offers stipends/salary to verified beneficiaries only.


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