Download NPC Final Selection List for Enumerators 2023 – Check for 36 States

Download NPC Final Selection List for Enumerators

Hello, this is for those who applied for NPC, you can now Download NPC Final Selection List for Enumerators.

This is to let everyone who applied for the position of Enumerator in the NPC National Population Commission 2023 recruitment that’s present that the list of successful candidates is now available.

An enumerator is primarily in charge of collecting data from the field. They’re in close contact with a lot of people in the community, which has a big impact on the quality of the data that’s collected and, eventually, the quality of the data that’s produced.

i) Walk around the Enumeration Block and use the information in the Abbreviated House List( AHL) of your Enumeration Block to figure out its boundaries and another landmark

ii) Using the Census layout map that was handed to you, update and prepare the layout map of your Enumeration block.

Effective applicants will be expected to go to basic training to assess their level of competence be prepared on what to do as the 2023 Nigeria Population Registration moves close

Download NPC Final Selection List for Enumerators


Applicants whose application status is pending” Forthcoming” are to take note of that, they’re going through checks and will be shortlisted among the ongoing current batch of successful candidates for-off time

Any applicant who neglects to turn in the training for preparing will be disqualified and replaced, accordingly, will not be paid his/ her allowance

The commission is ready to recruit 1.5 Million good Nigerians for the 2023 All inclusive Housing Census Registration

Successful NPC up- and- moneybags will be freehandedly compensated as contained in the Public Population Commission( NPC) Salary structure for ad-hoc staff staff

Find your state and check your shortlisting status, also, at that point, continue to your state and Local government of residency for training

Vacant Positions for 1.5Million People

  • Facilitators
  • Field Coordinator
  • Training Center Admin
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
  • Data Quality Manager

    Date Quality Assistant

  • Supervisors
  • Enumerators
  • Special workforce

NPC List – Check for 36 States

Here, you can now download the list for your state


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