86FB.com Football Online Registration & Account Logins – How it Works?

86FB.com Football Online Registration & Account Logins - How it Works?

86FB.com Football Online Registration & Account Logins – How it Works?

Are you looking for an investment that is so easy to operate? Do you wants to register and login to 86FB.com Football? Then this guide will have to put you through on everything you need.

So 86FB.com Football is a new program that believes to pay its users for performing simple tasks on the platform, after registering with your personal details.

86fb is a football investment platform where you may make money by playing games that the site provides with a 96 percent victory probability.


86FB.com Football Online Registration & Account Logins – How it Works?

You have to understand that there are many online business that are out there where you can register and invest your money with them. But you have to bear in mind that investing in any investment website is very risky. So i usually advise that you should always invest with your SPARE MONEY.

When you sign up with 86fb, you will be given up to three games to play each day, with a potential profit of up to 3%. This betting isn’t like regular betting; in fact, it’s nearly like reverse betting, as I’ll explain.

If you are given a proper score of 3-0 to wager on a game, you will win if the game concludes with any other score than 3-0. Only if the game ends 3-0 will you lose.

That’s not all; if you lose while playing the game provided by the group, the team will refund your payment in full.


The only time you will actually lose is if you do not play the game that the group has assigned to you and it turns out to be a dud; there will be no refunds.

You don’t even have to be an expert at betting to earn on this platform; you may make money even if you aren’t a sports fan. You can begin earning money with as little as 3500 naira.

Three points for the 88FB football Review

  • Income that changes over time
  • Income that remains constant
  • Earnings from compound interest.

First, a level 1 agent can bring us a 10% rebate on the day’s income. For example, if I developed a subordinate and he earned 100,000 NGN today, I can directly receive a static income of 10,000 NGN. This is a fantastic income!

The income from agent rebates is split into three categories:

  • ten percent of the first-level agent’s earnings
  • 5% of the commission earned by the second-level agent
  • 3 percent of the third-level agent’s earnings]
  • The first-level agent earns 100,000 NGN, which is equivalent to a fixed income of 10,000 NGN.
  • The second-level agent earns 100,000 NGN each year, which is a fixed income of 5,000 NGN.
  • The third-level agent receives a fixed income of 100,000 NGN = 3,000 NGN.

So, if you combine dynamic and static revenue, how much money can you make in a month? This large income, I believe, is evident to everyone!

Registration and Sign Up – 86FB.com Football

Here’s how you can sign up and invest in 86FB.com Football

  • Go to www.86FB.com Football
  • Click on sign up to join
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Create a new password
  • Input 86FB.com Football referral code
  • Click on Signup

Then Login to your account.

Kindly note that it is not stated in the page, the packages and amount for this investment, so you can check it yourself and find out how much is needed to start the registration, how to withdraw and also how to make your deposits.